Pat Mahoney
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Pat Mahoney
The final round of the 1969 350 British Championship was held at Crystal Palace but Pat didn't have a ride. GK lent Pat a Kuhn Seeley on which he finished fourth and won the Championship.

The following year he looked like being without any machines, and he was again saved by a last minute offer from GK boss Vincent Davey. Pat joined the team for the year and competed in national and international events in the UK, at the TT and European endurance events, partnering Barry Sheene on a Gus Kuhn Norton for the Barcelona 24 hour race. In April he was crowned King of Brands. (Click here to read his own account of this.)

Pat was a much valued member of the Gus Kuhn team and remained a good friend always. After he left the team he was sponsored by Clean Walls, as a result of meeting Alan Chapman who was a customer of Gus Kuhn Motors.

Vincent Dave, Frank Kately & Pat.

In October 1975 he was involved in a first lap multiple pile-up at Paddock Bend at Brands Hatch and sustained serious injuries. He was in a coma for weeks and though he partially recovered, his physical and mental capacity was greatly impaired.

When Pat came out of hospital Paul Smart organised donations from his many friends and bought him a car, which enabled him to get around. Pat passed away in 2006 and there was a seat outside the Sainsbury's branch in Crayford in his memory. Unfortunately, the store has been revamped and the bench disappeared.

Frank Kately & Pat Mahoney

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Steven Corrigan remembers Pat:

Hello. Nothing to do with Pat's racing, but just a line to say I was a young apprentice electrician, bike mad and Pat was doing some earth moving using his digger on a site in Dartford, Lowfield St old people's home. Unfortunately, or luckily, Pat cut through a main electric cable, blowing half the bucket away and not even getting a shock !!!!!!!!!

Didn't know him that well - had a few conversations - always had a smile on his face and a pleasure to know.

Coming home up the A2 on my GT380 Suzuki when a 900cc Kawasaki came from nowhere and cut in front of me at the Sidcup slip road. Felt sure he was going to fall off. Know it was Pat by the open face helmet and leathers!! He may be gone but he left some very good memories. Thanks Pat

This Pat Mahoney's memory of the 1970 King of Brands race, in his own words, written in the 1980s.

The democratic "King of Brands" Rules in 1970 dictated that a dedicated contender for this extremely illustrious Crown and title, must score high place points in three different class events. These being: 250cc, 350cc and Unlimited.

My excellent sponsor at that particular period was the reknowned Mr. Vincent Davey of Gus Kuhn fame. The only major problem with Dave's superb backing was that he never supported the small classes.

For this vital 250cc machine, I approached a double dead-keen young lad (Spud Murphy) who like ME, was living with his doting patents just a block of double palatial condominiums down the ole banger-littered street.

Spud willingly, immediately, stepped into the vacant breach - exceedingly generously, offering his one and only prized possession, a 250cc TDIC Yamaha.

Just to finally recap, I now had the three requisite classes to do gladiatorial battle for the most coveted "KING OF BRANDS" crown and title:

It was sure a long time ago now and the little ole grey cells are so rapidly fading (OLD AGE!) but I do remember quite clearly and vividly, I had a one hell of a ding-dong titanic battle of attrition with my so called Gus Kuhn team-mates.

Vincent Davey had the extremely rare first, second and third.

Mick Andrew, Charlie Sanby and ME, going under the chequered flag in a nose to tail formation.

The points I had amassed over the three rides, just gave ME the "KING OF BRANDS" Crown and accolade.